Hello, I am Emirhan

I am a millennial who lives my life by gamifying and dedicating my life to producing. I work full time at icerikler.com, while working as a freelancer, I give lessons and manage projects. I'm backing up my life here. I am studying Computer Education at YTU. As a freelancer, I provide SEO, Advertising, design, video editing, website services. I publish courses on Udemy. I have managed many projects such as Orenda Bayındır and Pantropic. I do research on history, politics, travel. I play the computer, I play the baglama.

Digital, Productive, Organic

I am studying Computer Education and Industrial Technologies at YTU / Istanbul. I develop mobile games, post images on Shutterstock, and post tutorials on Udemy. I have expanded and closed many agriculture and education ventures such as Pantropik.com and orendabayindir.com. You can see the details on my blog.

I am working as a full-time SEO Specialist at icerikler.com. At the same time, I get freelance works with reference system. I took part in companies and communities such as Arya Women, Youth Finance Club, GoGlobal and Leventofis, and I still continue in some of them.

Produce, Experience, Create Value

I have been in the world of software and design since 2015 and entrepreneurship since 2017. You can set up a project with me, you can edit a video with me, you can design with me, you can make your website with me. My biggest motivation is to produce. Creating new videos, designing educational content, coding mobile games, planting new products in the field, reading and analyzing my history, producing content for my Youtube channel.. My biggest motivation is to produce, experience, learn and benefit while producing.


While I make websites with WordPress infrastructure and PHP programming language, mobile games with Unity game engine and C# programming language, I also work with Swift and Flutter. I also provide SEO services and I am working full-time in a SEO company. You can reach the projects I have produced on my Github profile.


I do graphic design and video editing with many programs such as Adobe programs, Canva, Final Cut Pro X, and share my creations on the Behance platform.

Business Development

I managed two ventures, Pantropik and Orenda Bayındır. One was related to educational technologies, the other to agriculture. In addition, I took part in the board of large organizations such as Arya Women and Young Finance Club. I teach on Udemy and various communities. You can reach my developments on my Linkedin profile.


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Buy my courses which are “Web Site Development” and “Search Engine Optimization”, and develop your web skills.

Shutterstock Contributor

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Mobile Game Developer

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I am developing arcade mobile games. Check my App Store and Google Play profiles, and play these addictive games! (Currently the App Store is not eligible. Very Soon!)

Information multiplies as it is shared

I give SEO, Web Development and various trainings in many different communities such as Udemy, Arya Women, YTU E-Biltek. Apart from that, I work as a mentor in places such as Sakarya University, Çukurova University, Entrecom, and I also act as a jury in similar places. At the same time, I participate as a speaker on different topics such as gender equality in student societies such as Istanbul University IEEE. I’m collecting all my trainings on Udemy and EKA Digital, and all my guests below.

Let's Get Some Rest..

My Bookshelf
Steve Jobs
Tesla: A Portrait with Masks
Stop Talking, Start Doing: A Kick in the Pants in Six Parts
Hackers & Painters: Big Ideas from the Computer Age
Hayvan Çiftliği: Bir Peri Masalı
Örneklerle Kolay Ekonomi
Fahrenheit 451
Geleceği Keşfedenler
Küçük Başlayın, Büyük Düşünün
Girişimcilik - Temel Girişimcilik ve İş Kurma Süreci
Türklerin Tarihi: Orta Asya'nın Bozkırlarından Avrupa'nın Kapılarına
Bir Günde Ekonomist Nasıl Olunur?
Başarılı bir işletme için yeni girişimcilik
Teknoloji Kısa Tarihçe
Türkçenin Sırları
Köy Enstitüsü Yılları
Para Kitabı
Marka Yaratmanın 22 Kuralı

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Visual. Auditory. Continous Content

On my Youtube channel, I produce valuable content on topics such as E-Commerce, Freelancing, establishing a company, and the media sector with my friends and connections. I am also trying to write content on my blog.

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Turkey’s first digital Talk Show focused on entertainment and information, with only young people as guests!

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Inspiring stories and information that you haven’t heard anywhere with C Level people only at Selections from Industries!

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